Going to Court

Do you think it has been too long to press charges?  You can check out the information on the ICASA website to see what the statute of limitations are.

If you choose to take your case to trial, or press charges, your case will be handled by a State’s Attorney.  The State’s Attorney is the lawyer who prosecutes the attacker.  The advocate will work with them to keep you updated on your case and make sure your rights are respected.

If you choose to NOT press charges, you still have options for restitution.  It is possible to file a Civil Lawsuit against your offender.

During the court process, the advocate can:

  • go with you to the State’s Attorney’s office and be available to discuss how the case will be handled
  • talk with the State’s attorney to make sure the proper charges are filed
  • explain the trial process to you and answer your questions and get any additional information for you
  • work with the State’s Attorney to prepare you to testify at the trial
  • go to court with you when you testify
  • keep you updated on your case
  • contact your employer to explain why you may need to miss work to go to court
  • help you write a Victim Impact Statement to give to the judge if the attacker is convicted.

An advocate will help you through every step of the way – no matter how long it takes.