The Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Service (SACIS) as well as Counseling And Information for Sexual assault/Abuse (CAISA) are not-for-profit organizations dedicated to  helping survivors of sexual violence and their significant others reclaim their loves.  We are committed to changing attitudes that foster violence against others.  Services are available regardless of age, gender, race, disability, spiritual preference, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.


SACIS provides crisis and long-term counseling services for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse/assault/harassment. Counselors must meet standards established by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault for providing therapy for clients who have been victimized by sexual assault/abuse. This includes a basic 40 hour training program. SACIS counselors also attain a great deal of training beyond the minimum requirements.


Victims of sexual assault have medical concerns such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and other problems that may result from the assault. Medical advocates are skilled in explaining procedures and sensitively lending support to both victims and their significant others. Advocates are available on a 24-hour basis to provide information and identify options available to the victim.

After sexual assault, the law enforcement and court process can be intimidating for children and adults. Advocates explain and clarify options to victims by serving as a liaison with the police and state’s attorney’s office. Advocates lend non-judgmental support and help prepare victims for court. Advocacy services include explanation of court procedures and preparation of victim impact statement


School Programs
SACIS provides area schools (Headstart – High School) with programs on body safety, abusive and healthy dating relationships, and awareness and prevention of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment.

Professional Training
Staff provides in-service training which can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. The trainings provide a greater awareness and sensitivity to the issues of sexual assault. An extensive prevention education program provides speakers to schools, community organizations, religious organizations, civic organizations, and college and university classes.

Community Education
Available to clubs, religious groups, corporations, and other organizations. Topics include: adult sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape trauma syndrome, child sexual assault, incest, prevention, and SACIS’ services.

Contact the SACIS office at 217-348-5033 for further details about any of our programs.