Civil No Contact Order

What is it?

A Civil No Contact Order (CNCO) is a court order that requires a sex offender to stay away from the person that he or she sexually assaulted or abused.  You do NOT have to be pressing charges or going through the legal system to get this.

Who Can Ask for a CNCO?

Any person, regardless of age, who has been sexually touched in a way that he or she did not agree to.  You do not need to have a relationship with the offender to get a CNCO.

Do I Need a Police Report to Get a CNCO?

No. A judge can issue a CNCO based on your word alone.  If you have witnesses, a police report, photographs or injuries, or medical bills/records, bring them with you when you go to court.  They may help your case.

Do I need to Hire a Lawyer?

NO!  You *can* hire a lawyer, but most people obtain a CNCO on their own or we can help you.

How Do I Ask for a CNCO?

Go to the Circuit Clerk’s Office and ask for the CNCO forms (or see here) You will need to fill out the forms and givem them to the Clerk who will file them with the court.  SACIS (1-888-345-2846) and CAISA (1-866-288-4888)  advocates are here to help.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like us to go with you or answer questions before you go.

What will the CNCO Do?

The CNCO will require the offender to stay away from you.  The offender may be ordered to stay away from your home, school or job and may be ordered to not contact you by telephone, email, letters or any other way.

What is I Need Immediate Protection?

After you complete the forms, ask to see a judge for an emergency CNCO.  The offender usually is not present when you have a hearing with the judge for an emergency one.  This can last from 14-21 days.

What Happens After I get an Emergency CNCO?

The Police or Sheriff will deliver copies of your forms to the offender.  This is called “service of process.” service is required by law.  To obtain an order for longer than 14-21 days, called a plenary CNCO, you will have to return to court and state your reasons for the plenary CNCO.

What Happens at the Plenary hearing

You and the offender will have an opportunity to testify at the plenary hearing.  If the judge finds that the offender touched you sexually without your consent, the judge will issue a plenary CNCO which can last up to two years.

What if the offender Doesn’t Show up at the Plenary Hearing?

If the offender was served your forms, the judge may give you a plenary CNCO even if the offender is not at the hearing.  If the offender was not served, the judge will reschedule the hearing for another day.

What is the Cost?

You don’t have to pay to file your forms or have the Officer deliver the forms to the offender.

What if the Offender Violates the CNCO?

If the offender approaches or contacts you, call 911, and tell the dispatcher that you have a CNCO.  Violation of a CNCO is a crime.  The police are required to search for the offender and arrest them for violation.

Who will Help Me?

We would LOVE to help you get through this!  We have advocates here that can help you fill out the forms, accompany you to court, answer your questions and provide support.



Forms, Paperwork the LAW and How it works from ICASA The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault