Going to the Hospital

An advocate is always available 24/7 to meet with you at the hospital or other medical facility if you have been sexually assaulted.  They can meet you at the hospital.  The hospital staff or you can make the call.

At the hospital, you may ask the advocate for support in several ways.  If they want her to, the advocate will:

  • wait with you
  • call family and friends for you
  • explain the medical exam and the evidence collection procedure
  • stay with the victim during the exam
  • help you get morning-after contraception if the hospital does not provide this medication
  • provide clothing for you to wear home from the hospital
  • talk to the police and help you decide if you want to talk to the police
  • call a locksmith if our home was broken into
  • arrange transportation and lodging if there is not a safe place to go to.

After the hospital visit, either the same or a different advocate can help you with the police and court systems.