Illinois Automated Victim Notification System

Power gives victims peace of mind.

Illinois AVN

What is it and How does it Work?

Illinois AVN provides victims of crime and concerned citizens information regarding case and/or custody status of offenses where the perpetrator has been incarcerated or charged with a crime, Illinois AVN is a toll-free, 24-hour automated telephone service that provides two important services.

Illinois AVN provides victims and concerned citizens a toll-free number where they can call and get up-to-date information on the custody status and/or case status on an offender.  Illinois AVN operates through interfaces with jail booking systems, the Illinois Department of Corrections, the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Circuit Court Clerks through the state.

Callers may choose to register for automatic notification through Illinois AVN.  Registered persons will receive notification of any change in an inmate’s status.  Persons registered for court information will recieve notification of any change of case status.  Callers select the phone nuber(s) where they wish to be notified and PIN (personal identification number) to be used to confirm receipt of the notification.

What You Need To Know

  • The offender will not know you are registered with Illinois AVN
  • If you are not home, Illinois AVN will leave a message on a answering machine.  If there is no answer, Illinois AVN will keep calling back at regular intervals.
  • Since Illinois AVN calls automatically when an offender is released from custody, notification calls may come in the middle of the night.
  • You may register up to two phone numbers with Illinois AVN.  Do not register a phone number that rings to a switchboard.
  • If you have CALLER ID, calls from AVN will display as from the 502 area code.

How to use the Illinois AVN

Necessary Information – The more personal information you have about the offender or the case in question, the easier it will be to retrieve the desired custody and/or case information.  The correct spelling of the offender’s name will eliminate incorrect and/or multiple search results.  Knowledge of the date of birth will enable you to choose between multiple offenders of the same name.  If charges have been filed in court against the offender, there will be a case number that you can use to insure you are receiving the proper information.  If the offender has been incarcerated, the inmate number can also be used as a search tool.  You can contact the county jail or the Illinois Department of Corrections to obtain this number.

Selection of a PIN

The four-digit number you choose as your PIN (personal identification number) is used to confirm that you have received the notification and is necessary to prevent the repeated notification calls.  You should choose a number that is easy to remember.  Be sure to write it down in a place  you won’t forget.


Illinois AVN is automated and requires the use of a touch tone phone.  to speak with an operator, simply follow the automated prompts when dialing Illinois AVN.