What to do After The Assault

After a sexual assault you may feel confused and alone. You can call a 24-hour hotline and they will respond through a 24-hour hospital emergency room and police station. If you choose to report your sexual assault you don’t need to go through the procedures alone, a friend, relative or rape crisis center advocate will accompany you for support.

Informacion Despues del Asalto Sexual esta aqui


Going to an emergency room will provide immediate medical attention. At the emergency room they will respond to both the physical trauma the survivor experienced and the process to collect evidence incase you decided to report the assault to law enforcement.

Things to remember when going to the emergency room after the hospital after the assault are:

  • Do not bathe or change clothes before the exam.
  • Bring a change of clothes with you to the emergency room.

Things that may not show up right after the sexual assault are sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancy. All women within childbearing age are recommended to get a pregnancy test done at the hospital.  If you are concerned about pregnancy and would like to use an emergency contraceptive drug to prevent the pregnancy, you may ask your health care provider.  This must be done within 72 hours of the assault. If you are concerned about contracting a STD have the doctor give you a preventative medicine during the exam.


Sexual assault is a crisis, and every person will handle it in a different way. Remember that whatever feelings you are experiencing are not unusual and you are not alone.

Talking to someone who understands can help you to sort out the emotions you are feeling. A rape crisis center counselor can help you gain a perspective on your situation. Your loved ones can receive counseling as well.