School Programs

**All SACIS and CAISA programs meet the criteria for Erin’s Law**

SACIS covers Cole, Cumberland and portions of Clark County.  CAISA covers Crawford, Jasper, Lawrence and Richland Counties.  In addition to schools, our programs are available to churches, community organizations, day cares, after school programs and youth organizations.

Elementary School

Pre-K thru 3rd gradeBody Safety program (puppet show) The Body Safety program is aimed at Pre-k through 3rd grade students. The intent is to create awareness and prevention of childhood sexual abuse. It is a personal safety program that teaches children ways to keep themselves safe.  Special care has been taken to use language that is neither frightening nor offensive to young children and no specific parts of the body are discussed.

In this interactive program, presented in the classroom from a rolling puppet stage, puppets talk to children about how to tell the difference between touches that are “Good” (or safe) and touches that are “Bad” (or unsafe).  The children will help the puppets think of safe grownups that they could tell if a touch gave them that “Uh-Oh, something is wrong” feeling.  Children will learn the Body Safety rules, Say NO, GO, and TELL a safe grownup.

This program can be done individually with any age child or person with disabilities in our office or at location that meets the needs of the client.

 4th grade thru 6th grade–  Child Lure and Internet Safety Program. Types of Child Lures will be reviewed-authority lure, assistance lure, bribery lure, name recognition lure, emergency lure, and playmate/companion lure. Body safety  will be reviewed, where is your private zone, Body Safety rules- Say No, Go, and Tell, ok secrets to keep and secrets you tell a trusted adult.

Internet safety 101-is aimed at the dangers of social media such as playing games on the internet, sexual predators, and cyber-bullying. DVD’S give students an effective visual aid that identifies bully prevention skills, what sexual predators really look like, and their grooming tactics. Bystander intervention skills are defined and safe skills are role played.

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Middle School- five day program

Day 1-Myths and Facts about Sexual Harassment, Illinois Sexual Harassment Laws. Questions and discussion

Day 2-Social media, gaming online, Internet Predators, grooming online, cyber-bullying, dangers of online predators and Alicia’s story, pornography dangers online. DVD’S and discussion

Day 3- Bystander Intervention- power point, DVD’S, bystander role play.

Day 4-Self -esteem- and personal respect-what does that mean?

Day 5-Hope will present on domestic violence


High School Program-six days

Day 1-Myths and Facts about Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, Illinois Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Laws, consent, underage drinking. Questions and discussion.

Day 2-Drinking games and alcohol poisoning, hook-up culture. Discussion and DVD

Day 3-Social media, Gaming online, Internet Predators, grooming online, dangers of online predators and Alicia’s story, pornography dangers online, pornography addiction and how it impacts dating relationships. DVD’S and discussion.

Day 4-What is healthy self-esteem and personal respect? Can I Kiss You activities. What is a healthy dating relationship? Handouts, you tube video, discussion.

Day 5- Bystander Intervention- power point, DVD’S, bystander role play and discussion.

Day 6- Hope will present on Domestic Violence

All DVD’S used with the exception of DVD’S for Healthy Relationships, Bystander Intervention and Drinking Games can be found at

If you would like to preview the other DVD’S please contact the SACIS office and we would be happy to get them to you. In addition, the programs do not have to be scheduled in consecutive days. SACIS is flexible and they can be spaced out to be more workable with class schedules.