–Body Safety Program

Learn Body Safety

People touch us every day in different ways…

Some touches are GOOD

Good touches

  • are OK with you
  • make you happy
  • make you feel good about yourself and person giving touch

Some touches are BAD

Bad touches

  • hurt
  • make you feel bad

Some touches are CONFUSING

Confusing touches

  • are against your wishes
  • may scare you
  • may be painful
  • make you feel uncomfortable

REMEMBER – YOU are in charge of your body!

Body Safety Rules

  1. If someone gives you a bad or confusing touch, SAY NO
  2. GO away from ANYONE who scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable or bad.
  3. TELL an adult you trust about the bad or confusing touch.  You never have to keep touching a secret.

SACIS and CAISA offer Body Safety Programs to anyone that is interested in them.  One on one programs are available as well as school programs.  Most of the public school districts have these programs in their schools on a yearly basis.

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