We aim to foster inclusionary healing options for those affected by sexual violence, make people feel respected and valued, and affirm their identities and experiences through counseling, advocacy, case management, community education, and prevention services.

It is our vision to mitigate and reduce sexual violence, advocate for social justice in all our communities, and provide client-centered services to all survivors of sexual violence while working to address systems of oppression.


We see immense value in cultivating a space where people from a variety of backgrounds, social and ethnic groups, genders, orientations, ages, races, abilities and experience can come together to learn and to heal.


We believe in going beyond an open door, and pulling up seats at the table- one’s where all voices are heard, respected, valued and taken into consideration in conversation, policy, and decision-making.


We will never know just how every survivor feels, but we always aim to understand the trauma and impact of sexual violence and works to let our clients know they are not alone.


We gladly refer clients for other services or more appropriate agencies. We also know that ending sexual violence is a community effort and work to partner with other agencies to educate, garner awareness, and expand local resources.


Much more than treating everyone alike, we see the importance of equipping everyone with exactly what their specific needs are in order to be successful.


Sexual assault removes autonomy from it’s victims- the power to choose. By putting the survivor at the center of their own journey, they can take back their own power to decide what happens in their life. Each decision is a survivor’s own.


Every survivor’s story is safe here. We will never share any of your information or confirm/deny that you are recieving services at SACIS or CAISA. Our absolute privilege guarantees that we cannot be called to testify in a court of law.

Support for Each Person's Journey

Every single person and situation looks completely different. We will work with you to understand and support your unique experience.