Meet our Spring 2022 Interns!



Interested in an internship with SACIS?

We offer agency internships every semester for dedicated, hardworking students looking to make a difference in their communities.

We are now accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2022 Interns. The deadline to apply for summer is April 16th and the deadline to apply for fall is July 22nd. 

Email Stephanie Anderson at to learn more and read about the experiences of past interns below:


“My semester at SACIS has been the most worthwhile experience I have gotten out of Eastern. I have been able to work hands on with cases, projects, court dates, and so much more in a matter of months. I have learned to set boundaries and to take initiative, even when I don’t want to. Most importantly, I have found a community that supports me like no other and has made me feel at home. I’m so glad I was able to find an internship that was my home.”

Shannon, Fall 2021 Intern


My experience at SACIS has been nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, I was not able to go into the offices due to the pandemic, but this did not effect my work at all. The work environment at SACIS is very inviting and flexible, and I was able to connect with the staff and other interns even through Zoom, which was much appreciated. Working the hotline is challenging at times, but also very rewarding. I did a lot of projects while working as an intern, and through them I have learned a lot. One of the recurring things I did as an intern was making content for social media, and I definitely improved my graphic design skills in the span of my internship. After my internship I tried to maintain as much contact as possible with the SACIS staff and I still occasionally volunteer for the hotline. Overall, I would say interning with SACIS was wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” 

Lois, Spring 2021 Intern


“SACIS has a phenomenal team of staff and volunteers dedicated to supporting, believing and empowering all survivors of sexual violence. I first worked as an intern for SACIS during the spring 2021 semester. I was welcomed with open arms and if I needed support, someone was always readily available. Stephanie is a great coordinator who supports and encourages volunteers and interns. She was a key resource guide through training, volunteering and during my time as an intern. During my internship, I enjoyed working in the prevention programs and co-facilitating workshops and other training sessions. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to engage with the community and to work within every program at SACIS in order to become familiar with all services, as well as the mission as a whole. This is an incredible opportunity to gain field experience during your education and to become familiar with the non-profit world. My time here has been a total blessing.”

Trenton, Spring 2021 Intern & SACIS Medical Advocate


“I was an intern for a semester at SACIS and I enjoyed every moment. I experienced so many things in the short time I was there. I got to help at the famous 5K and help create the course the participants were on. I helped create the Hotline schedule every month while I was interning. I went along with SACIS employees to a court case to advocate for a survivor and their family. I also was able to learn and become certified in NARCAN training. I had the ability to watch SACIS employees treat survivors with genuine kindness and support them through their journey as a survivor of sexual assault. Along with one other SACIS employee, I went and supported a survivor in the hospital. I also was able to set up table events and helped inform the community and EIU students about the different services SACIS provided!”

Lilea, Fall 2019 Intern