Direct Service Volunteers

Direct service volunteers are required to complete a minimum of 40-hours of crisis intervention training provided by a certified rape crisis center in the state of Illinois, or by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA).  SACIS offers the 40-hour training class on an annual basis every spring, but there are additional “pop-up” trainings throughout the year, upon request.

Direct Service volunteers must also complete 6 hours of continuing education training/in-service training, in order to remain current and in compliance with our service standards. 

  • Direct service volunteer:
    • must be 18 years of age or older
    • must be able to pass a DCFS background check and/or a criminal background check

Types of Direct Service Volunteer Activities

Medical Advocacy
Respond to local hospitals and police departments when a sexual assault survivor is present.

Prevention Education Facilitation
Participate in age-appropriate prevention presentations with children and adolescents in public and private schools throughout the service area.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline Coverage
Provide emotional support and information to survivors and their loved ones on the crisis hotline

Legal Advocacy
Attend legal proceedings of sexual assault cases in the local county courts.

Non-Direct Service Volunteers

Types of Non-Direct Service Volunteers

Clerical and Organizational

tasks in the office and out in our community

Fundraising – helping to increase funds for our center so that we may continue to expand the services available throughout the service area

Awareness Programs – participate in resource fairs and events that will help to engage the community (i.e. Take Back the Night)

Strategic Planning

Graphic Design

Board of Directors


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