Illinois is taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable populations, including those who are incarcerated. To find a current list of released incarcerated individuals in Illinois, please follow the link below and select “IDOC Exits” March, 1 2020 to Current.” If you have questions about this list, or your offender’s name related to this list, please contact your advocate or the Director of Advocacy, Ky Newsome at advocate@sacis.org.


Legal Updates:

Clark Co Courthouse Procedure Updates March 23 (COVID-19)

Cumberland Co Courthouse Updates April 1 (COVID-19)

Coles Co Courthouse Procedure Update April 1 (COVID-19)


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For all current updates for the courts throughout the State of Illinois, please click here


Protocol for the counties we cover in the 2nd Judicial Circuit

All of the Second Circuit is only doing Felony cases, Emergency Orders: Protection, CNCO, and Stalking. They will also do Plenary hearings. Read the full announcement here. CAISA is the office that covers 2nd Circuit.

Protocol for the counties we cover in the 5th Judicial Circuit

Coles County

The following court proceedings will be held as scheduled:

  • All criminal matters with persons in custody
  • Criminal Felony matters
  • Juvenile temporary custody (shelter care)
  • Juvenile detention hearings
  • Juvenile Adudiciatory and Dispositional hearings
  • Petitions for Orders of Protections (this includes Civil No Contact/Stalking No Contact)
  • Hearings for Plenary Orders of Protections (includes CNCO,SNCO)
  • Emergency hearings on family matters (D and F Cases) as scheduled by the court
  • Mental Health hearings

All other matters are postponed. More detailed information can be accessed on the Coles County Sheriff’s Dept Facebook page.

SACIS will follow our usual protocol for filing Emergency SNCO, CNCO in coles county.  

Clark County

Clark County Court System has agreed that all traffic, misdemeanor, conservation and ordinance violations that were set for court during the period of Tuesday, March 17, 2020 through April 10, 2020 will be continued.  If you are scheduled to appear in court during that time period in those cases, your case will be continued and you will receive notice of your new court date. You should remain in contact with your attorney.

If you have a pending juvenile or felony matter, you should contact your attorney regarding any upcoming court dates.

In addition to SACIS following our usual  protocol for filing Emergency Orders of Protections, SNCO, & CNCO and Plenary Orders of Protection, SNCO, & SNCO in Clark Co. 

Cumberland County

Judge Braden has entered a further Order continuing all non-essential criminal and civil court cases that are currently set through April 17, 2020.

Any person with a criminal or traffic case that is set on a date prior to April 17, 2020 need not appear. Please be sure the Circuit Clerk has your up to date mailing address as a notice of your next court date will be mailed to you.

Any defendants who have counsel should check with their attorney to determine if their case will be continued or remain on the docket

In addition to SACIS following our usual  protocol for filing Emergency Orders of Protections, SNCO, & CNCO and Plenary Orders of Protection, SNCO, & SNCO in Cumberland Co.  

In light of Cumberland County having declared a state of emergency the State’s Attorney’s office will be limiting office appointments to essential meetings only. The office will continue to be open normal business hours and can be reached by phone at 217-849-2311.



The SACIS and CAISA offices are closed to visitors.
The health and well being of our clients, the staff, and the community at large is our first priority.

In an effort to implement social distancing and do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will be initializing our agency plan to work remotely. please note: if you are a current client, your counselor/advocate will be reaching out to you to discuss your options. If you are in need of advocacy or counseling, we will be able to establish services and work with you remotely, as well.

Counselors and advocates are always available to answer questions or respond to your immediate needs by calling the 24-hour crisis hotline.